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Play against top competition, develop better skills, and get coached by high-level coaching while receiving exposure to colleges.

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Good Vision Academy

Good Vision Academy’s goal is to help high school basketball players looking to find the right prep school to elevate their basketball skill while getting exposure to colleges. A traditional high school might not be the best option for players wanting to play in college. The first reason for this is that some high school coaches don’t have the time or experience to help their players with the college recruiting process. Also, there are multiple AAU teams in each area that may or may not have these college connections. Good Vision Prep schools, by contrast, offer opportunities for better competition, academics, exposure, and overall emotional and physical maturity. 


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prep school

Good Vision Academy gives opportunity for international and domestic players to find a prep school that will challenge them on the court and in the classroom, more than they would receive in their current situation. Our goal is to maximum your skill set and help you take your game ta the next level.

Post grad

Players who want to stay at their current school until graduation, but need an extra year of college exposure, academic and/or athletic development. Participating in a post-grad year at a prep school is an excellent option.This additional year does not count against NCAA eligibility like junior colleges doThis is a chance to play an extra summer of AAU, as well as attend NCAA certified and college elite camps.